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Embarking on Semester at Sea

From January to May 2015, Anna Beth and I are exploring the world on the Spring 2015 voyage of Semester at Sea.

For over 50 years, Semester at Sea has created academic communities of undergraduates, adult learners, and faculty and staff on a large ship as it tours the world. While at sea, the students take classes and seminars.  In port, students have opportunities to extend their classroom work in a more hands-on way with instructor-led field trips.

Or they can be tourists.

Anna Beth will be one of the two ship psychologists.

I will be free to take classes, pursue personal writing projects, and explore eight countries in Asia and Africa brand new to me, including Japan, China, Myanmar, India, South Africa, and Namibia.  The itinerary for the voyage can be fund here.

The Spring 2015 itinerary leaves from San Diego for Asia and Africa. It ends in the UK.

I’m totally excited about this opportunity. One of my goals is to post blogs from the ship and each of the countries we visit.

I’d like my blog to have a theme.

I’m interested in income inequality, a condition that bedevils all nations. I plan to report on how the people I meet experience income inequality in their own lives and what they hope will happen.

Of course, I’ll be posting photos and descriptions of life on ship as well as in port.

It should be easy to reach me by email and I welcome your questions and comments.

I welcome you to join me on this once-in-a-lifetime voyage.  The cabins are tiny (more about that later) but there’s room for everyone.


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