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Nine Tips for Ghostwriting Success Tip No. 9 Never Agree to Work with a Client After your Decide You Won't

When You Say "No" , Mean It

Not every potential project is suitable. If you have standards as a ghostwriter, some clients and projects will fall short and that requires you to not only say "Not for me" but to stick to your decision.


Trust your gut when it says to walk away. Learn how to tell the client, “I’m just not a good fit for this project.” Then keep walking.  Do not look back.


A funny thing happens when I turn clients down: they suddenly find the prospect of working with me more attractive.


They start making concessions, asking me about my objections. Sometimes they respond by relaxing the timeline, even throwing more money at me. 


Does that sound familiar or is it just me? 


I don't know why clients do this.


Maybe it’s a control issue.


Do they think my “no” is just a negotiating ploy? 


I won’t lie. It's seductive when clients express a desire to work with me after I said no. It’s tempting—oh so tempting—to appear to have leverage over the client. I wonder just how much concession I can extract?


But the reality is the leverage is just an illusion. The client is always firmly in control. And is there a more abject expression of client control than their ability to get you to gainsay yourself?  


Stick to Your Decision

So when you decide against a project, stick to your decision. When this happens to you: do not succumb, no matter how sweet the offer becomes. Remember why you declined to work with the client. Honor the reason.  Respect it.  Don’t let your desperation overrule your first instincts. 

As Maya Angelou said, "When someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

When you make a decision, believe yourself.





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