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I believe that ninety-nine percent of difficulties can be avoided by establishing good agreements. I have found that the following general terms and conditions create conditions for satisfactory outcomes.

These terms and conditions are designed to be easy to read and to create a reliable, straightforward, and understandable business relationship between the writing partner and the client. 

I work on a work-for-hire, project-based, fixed fee basis.  

Work-for-hire means that the client owns the copyright on the work product once the terms of the agreement are met.  The copyright to any documents created by the writer remains with the writer until any outstanding balance for the writing is made in full, at which time the copyright automatically reverts to the client. 

Project-based means that I work on one discrete project at a time.  

Fixed-fee means that both parties agree on the total fee and the progress payments. I do not work by the hour or by the word.  

For book ghostwriting, I am content to work entirely in the background. I do not request nor expect any acknowledgment.  

For book ghostwriting, I relinquish all interest in the advance from the publisher or future royalties. All such payments and all other rights are the exclusive property of the client.

The writer agrees to provide freelance writing services to the client to the scope, quality, deadline and prices as outlined between them in writing.

To begin a project, generally ask for one-third of the total fee in advance.  A progress payment of another one-third is due at some mutually established deliverable. One-third is due on completion.  

Sometimes a client needs to cancel a project before completion.  Any cancellations must be made in writing. The writer may retain all monies paid to that point.  

Confidentiality. The writer will readily sign a reasonable non-disclosure agreement.  Furthermore, any documents that the client provides to the writer that is not intended to be included in the final work will be kept confidential. Any work created by the writer that is not intended to be published or distributed publicly via a website, social media, or some other means will be kept confidential.


The writer may link to publicly distributed or published work from his website, portfolio, social media accounts, or other areas unless requested not to by the client. Any such requests will be honored.

Final acceptance of the work.  Upon completion of the work to the client’s satisfaction, and payment of any remaining fees, this contract will be considered fulfilled.  

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